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Catherine Giles, Independent Insurance Agent                Catherine Giles, Agente de Seguros Independiente

Motorcycle Collision Coverage 

     Whether its icy roadways, a blind spot, or an uncontrolled intersection, Collision Coverage pays any amount more than your deductible to restore the damage done to your vehicle to factory new condition in the event of an accident. 

Motorcycle Types 

     Whether you're taking to the back-roads on a classic bike or traveling the highways on a touring cycle, Catherine can offer you coverage for a variety of bike types: Classics, Cruisers, Custom, Sport, Touring, Trike Conversion. 

Liability Coverage 

     You never know when someone might get hurt in an accident.  You could stand to lose a lot if you are at fault.  Liability Coverage provides protection against financial loss. 

Medical Payments Coverage 

     Under this insurance medical bills and funeral expenses are covered should you, or a passenger, be injured or killed in a vehicle accident.  This coverage extends to you or a family member when riding as a passenger in someone else's vehicle or when struck by a vehicle when on foot. 

Optional Equipment Coverage 

     For the insurance of enhancements you make to your vehicle, such as a TV screen, a DVD player, or a custom sound system. 

Safety Apparel Coverage 

From your helmet and jacket to boots and gloves, this coverage can replace expensive riding apparel should they get damaged in an accident. 

Transport Trailer Coverage 

     Transport trailers can cost just as much as the vehicles that you plan on transporting.  Catherine can offer Transport Trailer Coverage to make sure that your transport trailer is protected. 

All Terrain Vehicle 

     Whether you're roving through a challenging ATV course, or you're four-wheeling in the forest, Catherine can offer you the coverage you need for your All Terrain Vehicles.

Off-Road Vehicles 

     Some of us have vehicles that allow us to take part in some pretty adventurous hobbies.  From dirt bikes, dune buggies, golf carts, and more, Catherine can offer you Off-Road Vehicle coverage makes sure your vehicle is covered. 


     When you're out on the water, it should be smooth sailing, but when the waves get a little bit rough, it's good to know that your boat is covered. Whether you own a fishing boat, a runabout, or a pontoon, Catherine can offer you coverage for your boating needs. 

Personal Watercraft 

     Whether you own a single-user or multiple-user watercraft, you want to make sure you're covered.  Personal Watercraft insurance provides protection for your watercraft on and off the lake. 


     It's the middle of winter and you're on the powder-filled trails, enjoying the mountainous terrain.  Nothing is better than enjoying your sled, except maybe knowing that you have the insurance coverage you need
to protect it. 

Motor Homes 

     It's time to get out on the open road. Now more than ever, you may be likely to choose a home on four wheels rather than on a permanent foundation.  It's important to make sure that you and your home have the right protection no matter where you are. 

Motorcycle, RV, Boat/Watercraft, and Trailer Insurance Policies and Services
     Catherine takes care, with attention to details, to provide you and your family with high quality Motorcycle, RV, Boat/Watercraft, and Trailer insurance product options and services which are personalized for your unique needs.

       Schedule your free consultation today with Catherine for recommendations and quotes, enrollment and servicing either by personal appointment or by appointment via phone or Skype. You may schedule by submitting your contact information in the "Contact Us" field or by calling Catherine at 940-597-4757 or emailing her at [email protected]